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Our History


Establishment of the Company!

The origins of lawyers and the first founders of law make their appearance in Ancient Greece and Rome. In ancient Athens “orators” would often plead the case of a “friend” because at the time it was required that an individual plead their own case.


First Employees

As the legal profession continued to evolve and become more official in ancient Rome it also became highly regulated. There were many rules around being lawyers that controlled how much a lawyer where they could plead a case, and how they could become registered.


Together we Build

Lawyers in medieval times found themselves struggling to make a living as the legal profession collapsed in the western world. But the profession did have a resurgence eventually but mostly in a form that served the church and its laws.


Completed 2000 cases

When did lawyers first start practicing in the United States? It’s important to understand that the history of attorneys is filled with changes and fluctuations. In order for a society to need lawyers, there must be a certain level of advancement.


We are Number One

Eventually, the prejudices against lawyers started to fall away and the legal profession began to gain respect and power. Twenty-five of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence were lawyers.

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Last seven years statistics

YEAR 2012 - 2019

It’s interesting to note that ancient lawyers in the middle ages developed quite a negative reputation because there was excessive litigation during that time which was caused by a large number of lawyers who created extra litigation due to their incompetence or misconduct.

Business Law 90%

Personal Injury 85%

Health Care Law 74%

Criminal Law 88%